You need to know more about the facts of the subject you are campaigning on than other players or the media. Know the difference between fact and claim. Therefore, thoroughly research the world as it is. What are the basic facts of the problem? Do you possess the facts you need? If not, go and find them. Can you picture your campaign problem? Have you found the stories on which you will base the broader picture of your campaign? What is the solution you are proposing that will end the problem? Is it realistic? Do you know everything there is to know about it? Who will support your solution? What network of influences and interests holds the status quo of the campaign "problem" together? Which forces acting on them tend most towards inertia? Where is there potential volatility? How could volatility be triggered? Where are the stages on which to play out the campaign?

A campaign can only be as good as good as the research it is founded on. Investment in thorough and exhaustive research during the foundation stage of your campaign will pay massive dividends throughout the other campaign phases. Do not skimp on research. Your lack of knowledge will trip you up when you least expect it. Properly conducted research is the best way to reduce risk in your campaign. See actor/audience research and logistical research in the Observatory for more detailed guidance.