From all of the above, identify as far as you can, a series or network of objectives, none of which in itself will constitute "victory" but each of which will be a step along the road. The road ahead will twist and turn. Do not imagine you will be able to see all of your objectives before you set out. The way unfolds as you make progress. Set each objective so that it can be easily and quickly achieved using the available resources. As each step along the way is reached, your understanding of the overall aim and the significance threshold of your campaign will become clearer. It is important to be able to work with this unfolding view of your campaign. You cannot, for example, predict how interested parties will respond to your achieving your first objectives. Their reaction, will in part determine your choice of further objectives. As you step forward, what will make the best next step will itself become clear. This is called making tactical progress.

See objectives assessment in the observatory.