Identify an overall campaign aim that concretises the vision, and which embodies the necessary and sufficient conditions that if these were fulfilled, the vision could then follow. Note that we need the vision before we can embark on the campaign but in practical terms our view of the aim may well be vague, or at least partially obscured. The nature of the aim will become clearer as we progress towards it. This is also true of the significance threshold.

It is useful to think of your campaign as a mountain, but not an ordinary mountain. Rather, imagine one whose slopes and ridges change as you cross them. At the outset, at the planning stage, you are at the foot of the mountain. This mountain has never been climbed before. You can see the top of the mountain on a clear day from a great distance, but actually you have no idea at all what it's going to be like up there or what it will really be like getting there until you start climbing. Campaigning is like social mountaineering, you have to have the skills and the kit for the job, you have to make very careful plans and experiment until you find the best route up the mountain. You have to plan your climb in stages, but be prepared for your plan to be re-written many times along the way. You have to have the resources and the backup to deal with possible emergencies and all manner of unforeseen challenges that the mountain will throw at you.