Services are customised to meet client's individual requirements but are based on the outlines shown in this section.

Campaign assessment

A campaign assessment by A different view can be applied to new or emerging campaigns or as a review of an existing campaign.

Stage 1. Discovery
  • Initial background reading and research of the area and review of any campaigning materials or documentation. Where appropriate, site visits and meetings/discussions with key individuals.
  • 1st campaign meeting, including introduction to A different view,'s campaign methodology, review of past campaigning activities, discussion of values and vision, setting the aim, discussion on the campaign concept and its creative expression, assessing the need for further research, discussion of resource constraints and initial route mapping and objectives setting. This meeting is essentially focussed on the Foundations and Build-up phases of the campaign.
  • Report and recommendations.
Stage 2. Implementation review
  • Review of research analysis, communications review and critical path analysis for build up phase.
  • 2nd or subsequent campaign meetings. This meeting has two parts. Part 1 is a de-brief on tactical progress to date. Part 2 looks at further objective setting and proposed tactics, refining the aim, and discussion of routing and the approaching significance threshold. This meeting is primarily concerned with the build up and approach to significance thresholds, alliance building, communications planning and planning for how the threshold of significance is to be breached. A special session will be devoted to pre-empting adversary defensive manoeuvres in order to reduce the risk of the campaign hitting the illusion of victory phase.
  • A second (or subsequent) report(s) is/are prepared which will offer detailed recommendations on approaching and breaching the significance threshold.
Stage 3
  • A final review meeting examines the significance the campaign has achieved and how to develop an end game or closing strategy. Specific objectives and tactics for the end game will be discussed.
  • A report making end game recommendations is produced.
  • NB. Throughout the review process a mentoring service is provided.