Campaign design

Working with campaigners and other organisational stakeholders, A different view can undertake a full structural design for a new campaign of for the re-launch of an existing campaign.

Stage 1. Discovery.
  • Initial background research.
  • Key person interviews.
  • Recommendations for Key audience research.
  • Initial recommendations for the scope and nature of the proposed campaign.
Stage 2. Foundation design.
  • Detailed mapping analysis of issue structure, influences and pressure point analysis.
  • Commissioning of research on actor and audiences, issue perceptions, related attitudes.
  • Commissioning logistical research.
  • From the outputs of the above, initial route mapping and objectives setting.
  • Central concept proposal.
  • Communications proposal.
  • Initial tactics and activities proposal.
  • Resource, timing analysis and recommendations.

The campaign design, once agreed is handed across for implementation. Further campaign input follows the campaign assessment process as above.