Resource analysis

Resource analysis will help to ground your campaign in reality. There must be a balance between campaign objectives and available resources. The balance should tilt in favour of resources. Sufficient operational resources to assure success should be gathered and correctly positioned prior to making any tactical moves towards an objective. The analysis looks at the available human, financial and logistical resources required to reach specific objectives and assesses their sufficiency.

Two criteria: the progress you can make towards an objective and therefore the influence you can gain versus the cost of your effort given your available resources offer two strong decision making criteria for tactical advance within your campaign.

Diagrams: Resource analysis

Source: adapted from BCG original matrix

Easy win: low cost, low impact; an easy win, well within your resource constraints. You should take this win but then you need to move on.
Poor focus: little progress gained with your resources stretched. Only go there if you must.
Short stay: high energy short burst intensive costly effort will win great rewards, but don't get drawn into protracted campaigning here, you will overstretch your resources.
Priority: major priority for sustained effort towards influential victory because the balance favours your resource capability.