Objectives/routing assessment

Objectives are ranked against two groups of criteria, those to do with ease of achievement or which result from following lines of least resistance and those to do with propelling the campaign towards its significance threshold. Sensible objectives score well in both criteria. Especially useful when there is debate about which path the campaign should follow. SMART objectives satisfy the criteria: strategic and measurable and are achievable within the available resource and time constraints. Linked objectives define the routes of the campaign.

situation analysis/objectives/route assessment

Diagrams: situation analysis/objectives/route assessment

Source: adapted from BCG original matrix

Dog. Stagnant, low potential for movement/progress, little influence to change things. Hard slog ahead. Question further effort/investment.

Cow. Easy for you to influence, but poor dynamic potential. Further effort will add little strategically. "Milk" the gains you can take but don't waste too much time here.

?. Lots of opportunity, volatile, dynamic situation but could go either way. However, your capacity to influence/direct events is poor. Double your effort or leave well alone.

Star. The opportunity is pliable, its there for the taking. Invest and sustain effort to gain ground. This is your priority area.