Logistics research

There are two kinds of logistics research. Evidence gathering and groundwork planning.

Evidence gathering is essential for building the knowledge base and preparing the ground for the campaign, and it is best if the research sets out to uncover new facts and is able to document these. Video, photographic and voice recorded evidence should accompany desk research of the facts. The aim is to be able to support statistical type evidence with powerful case studies or stories. Painstaking research is the essential prelude to successful dramatic intervention, no matter what kind. Some of the vital evidence your campaign will need may be difficult to gather or to document. Seek experienced help when putting any investigation together and make sure your investigation is embedded within a clear campaign plan - make sure it drives your campaign towards its objective.

Groundwork planning during the foundation stage and testing of plans during the build up phase of your campaign will ensure that when your campaign goes critical, and moves into action mode, it will have the best chances to succeed.

All successful campaigns ultimately succeed through action that demonstrates commitment and draws in wider audiences and new influential actors. Careful logistical research is absolutely essential prior to any kind of public manifestation of your campaign. Do not leave it to chance.