Critical path building

Critical path building allows campaigners to map a proposed campaign route and identify the key events, resource and time constraints and other dependencies which need to be taken into account as a milestone objective is approached. This level of analysis is essential in determining which possible campaign route will in practice emerge as the best to pursue. A different view does not advocate the necessity of building a critical path from the start to the finish of the campaign. You do not need to know the precise details of your final destination before you set out, indeed in campaigning, you can't know it. You should therefore concentrate on ensuring that your interim objectives are extremely well chosen and fully resourced so that they can be easily and quickly achieved.

Diagrams: Critical path building

Source: A different view

1,2,3,4,5,6 are dependent events, the direction of dependency is arrowed. Note 4 is a critical event because neither track can progress until 4 is accomplished.

Each arrow represents an activity or activities whose completion delivers its event. The t boxes represent the time taken for each activity. (The arrows are not to scale). In the diagram above, t1t2t4t3t6 takes longer than t1t4t5t7 and is therefore the critical path leading to the end event. (in other words there is some room to spare within t5t7.)

Critical path building is important in the build up phase of the campaign. The vertical red line represents the transition from build up to critical phase, the blue line the transition to end game.