communications analysis

This analysis examines the communications plans for each proposed campaign route. It looks at the communications potential within the proposed routes and the role communications will play in reaching and achieving set objectives. Particular attention is taken to ensure that communications plans are appropriate to the phase of the campaign. Overall consistency in core messaging is essential and the analysis looks at the central campaigning metaphor and the linguistic frameworks the campaign is proposing to use. Recommendations on creative platforms and how to deliver campaign messaging within appropriate media will be undertaken on request.

Diagrams: Communications analysis

Source: A different view

In the model above 1,2,3 are key mainstream events. 1 is a legal review, 2 a test case based on the legal review and 3 is a mass action at failure to implement the new law. In the accompanying communications plan, evidence gathered by the campaign reaches the public domain as news emerging from both legal events. This prepares the ground for strong media cover of the mass action as the campaign has created a "running story".