Who holds the power to influence the progress of your campaign and to deliver the ultimate change your campaign is seeking? In campaigning it is important only to approach the powerful from a position of power. Power respects power and power exploits weakness and vulnerability and you would court disaster to believe otherwise. Therefore do not approach the power that holds sway over the ultimate fate of your campaign until you have built up your own power base. The objectives you set during the build up phase of your campaign should be those that will allow you to build your own power base. Power analysis (see also influence mapping and pressure analysis in the observatory) looks at how the power base of key influencers is built up. Decision structure analysis (see the observatory) complements power analysis and is designed to allow you to understand how key decisions that your campaign seeks to influence are made, where they are made and by whom.

Diagrams: power diagram

Source: A different view

All power structures are layered. Good campaign design targets power layers where they can exert the most influence at a given moment in time. As the campaign progresses, new layers can be addressed.