illusion of victory (an avoidable phase)

Your campaign action appears to have succeeded. New influential audiences were drawn into the campaign, forcing the beginning of change in the status quo. Then all of a sudden, someone else takes the credit for the change. And that person or organisation was your principle adversary or a close ally. And then the change you thought you'd won turns out to be not quite what you thought it would be. The initiative you thought you had won is slipping away. To make matters worse, the media seems more sympathetic to your adversary or has lost interest in the story, your campaign is exhausted and your powder keg is dry. You burn out.

Many campaigns fall apart at this point. What happened was that your adversaries made a tactical short term withdrawal which was in line with your campaign goal but are now playing for long term stakes which lie outside your effective campaigning time lines. The fault was yours. During the build up phase you failed to pre-empt the tactical withdrawl and position yourself so that you could close off your adversaries' escape routes.

Failure to avoid the Illusion of victory can lead to burn out. In this case the end game phase is never reached.