build up

From the foundation work, one or more routes for developing the campaign will emerge. For any major campaign you should aim for three potential campaign routes and set initial objectives along these. Having more than one route will open more campaigning options, spread risk and create synergies that would otherwise never emerge. As you make progress, your best route will become clear. Only set objectives that match your resource capacity. As you make progress, further objectives, some of them opportunistic, will become clear. You will not be able to identify all of the objectives along each campaign route before you set out, any more than you will be able to tell which route will in the end prove to be the most important. Each route will lend itself to different communications options. Study these. Remember that during the build up, you are building the case for your campaign and consolidating alliances, you want everything in place before you go public, and before you directly confront a main adversary. Failure to properly build the campaign from its foundation can lead to a failure at criticality, and greatly increases the chances of scoring an illusory victory.