Who this site will help

The guidance you will find on this site will help anyone who is trying to mount a campaign, run a campaign, or direct a programme of campaigns. Read it. Use it. This site has been built for you.

A different view starts where orthodox campaign planning stops. A different view sets out to provoke originality in campaign thought and action, in the certain knowledge that inspiration is almost everything in campaigning and that the mundane spells death. At the same time, A different view demands a degree of rigour in campaign research and planning that goes beyond the common place. It is only when originality and rigour combine within a campaign, that the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

Many established organisations struggle to achieve originality and find it all too easy to stop short of the rigour it takes to build an unshakable foundation and full blooded delivery into their campaigns. By emphasising these aspects of campaigning, A different view may be of special help to those organisations.

Here is a good working definition for a campaign. If this is the situation you are facing then, without doubt, this site is for you.

A campaign is a set of actions designed to achieve specific behavioural changes among one or more key groups of people where there are vested interests in preserving the status quo or in resisting the change or in promoting a different set of changes.

Where a simple lack of interest or insufficient awareness is preventing the changes you want to achieve, you need to promote your cause, but such promotion does not necessarily involve campaigning as the word is used in this site. If no one is opposing the changes you seek, you do not need to campaign.